Hi! I'm Marcus

Fullstack Web Developer/Software Engineer
Sharing knowledge through software development

Welcome to my site! Here is me in 6 theses:

  1. Above all else, I'm a practical software engineer. I see software as a tool for solving real-world problems.
  2. I really enjoy the creative experience of making new things in the orderly, logically manner that good software demands.
  3. I try to cultivate a breath of experience. I've worked both in the public and the private sector, in large teams and small teams, and throughout the entire tech stack.
  4. I prefer strongly typed languages and functional programming.
  5. Despite one's preference for a language or style of programming, the guiding principle in software development should be: the right tool for the job.
  6. There are often many different ways in software engineering to achieve the same objective. Working well with other developers is often about knowing when something is in fact gained by Path A or Path B, and communicating that viewpoint. Often it makes no difference, and, in that case, defer to your colleagues.

Frontend Developer

I enjoy the visual satisfaction of seeing one's work come to fruition.


typescript, javascript, elm


  • React
  • Vue
  • Gatsby
  • Npm
  • Webpack
  • Bootstrap
  • Tailwind
  • Bulma

Backend Developer

Backend development means to me above all: stability. How do you make a system that protects the integrity of your data and reliably processes requests?


Php, Java, Haskell, Python


  • Spring Boot
  • maven
  • hibernate
  • Laravel
  • MariaDB, MySql


Good tooling and intelligent use of tooling is essential for a good developer experience.


  • Git
  • Docker
  • End-To-End-Testing (Selenium and Cypresss
  • ApiBlueprint

Work Experience


May 2021

Hired as a software engineer for academic research projects

Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Web Developer


October 2020

Promoted to Senior Associate Software Engineer

PwC Germany

Backend Development in an agile team.


June 2018

Hired as an Associate Software Engineer

PwC Germany

Frontend and Backend development in an agile team.


October 2016

Hired as an Academic Technology Solutions Assistant

University of Chicago IT Services

Develop features for the university LMS (Learning Management System).

Help university instructors with using LMS.


September 2010

Begin teaching German language and literature

University of Chicago

Graduate, and later post-doctoral instructor for German language and literature.

listening to studentsclearly presenting ideasdesigining courses

Professional Projects

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Corpus Coranicum

I developed this site toegher with a partner on a two-person team. We used existing data from a MySql Database to build a JSON API with Laravel, which is then consumed by a Vue/Typescript Frontend.

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Audit Applications

Various applications for data retrieval and managing checklists that are designed to help auditors with their audit process. One of these applications was the checklist management component of ALI – Checklisten 2.0.

VueJava Spring BootElm

Personal Projects

Just me messing around :-)

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This small frontend application allows teachers and students of German to easily mark the main parts of a sentence. When learing to read in a foreign language, identifying the main parts of speech is half the battle.

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Musical Memory

The game Memory, but instead of matching pictures, the players match snippets of music.


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Marcus Lampert

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